Saturday, 12 November 2011

Babyroom Robertinho - Room decoration

Hi everyone,

Yes, so many projects at once! But I don't complain, I feel completly excited to accomplish everything in every single detail.... well, this one was a bit crazy... couple of days before our move to Brazil I was still painting some characters for the wall picture!!!

The theme was sports, but I convinced the "addicted" father to use this theme in a delicate way, to be appropriate to a new born and baby afterwards.... I usually like to use animals and pastel colors in baby rooms. When babies are starting interacting, their rooms will help them a lot discovering the world!

All textile was personalized and the same animals part of the picture were also tailored everywhere on the baby room kit. Animals were also tailored to be put in pockets all around the cradle. The idea was that the baby can play with them in the near future ;-)

Well, I loved the result and the color combination with blue predominancy. Exactly for a boy with a brilliant future!

Hope you liked this project as I did!!!!!

Many kisses,

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Baby Shower Robertinho

Hi dear friends,
My sister was also pregnant and she asked me to think and prepare her Baby Shower. I had some difficulties: 1) I was in the middle of my move to Brazil; 2) I just gave birth to my Anna; 3) I was also planning her baby room by distance; 4) I was also planning Athina's 2nd birthday!!!! and everything should by done virtually since she lives in Rio de Janeiro and I was going to Recife from Germany!!!!
But I couldn't say no to my sister!!!!!!!! As I can't say no to everyone I love!
So I took the chalenge and started this project as well!

The colors were pastel yellow, orange, braun, pastel blue and dark blue!

The cake was made in Recife and her mother-in-law brought to Rio de Janeiro on the plane!!!! We discussed which colors and cake should have and it was... bingo!!!!... the way I was thinking about!

Again, all colors matching and the identity should be untouched! Pompoms to complete the decoration and simetry! Fresh flowers and cute favors for the guests!

3 full days work as I arrived in Rio 4 days before the baby shower! But I really enjoyed this project, since everyone helped his way!

Hope you enjoy this project as I did ;-)

Many kisses,

Monday, 7 November 2011

2nd Anniversary Athina - Owl to love

Hi there,

I was dreaming of a party for which the theme was Owl. That's why I decided to decorate Athina's 2nd birthday with these sweet little funny and cute owls! I designed 4 of them with corel draw and they were everywhere in the decoration: tags, invitation, centerpieces, cupcake toppers and... on the cake. I also wanted to decorate the cake with them and asked a cake designer to make them with biscuit and put on the colorful cake. I drawn this cake also with corel draw and the cake artist turned them into reality. I simply loved it and it is so similar to my draw! Thanks Luciana!

The table follows my concept: simetry, romantic atmosphere and decoration with sweets and objects together.

I took 1 whole week to have it ready. It was full time work and I had to make it all by myself, as everyone was busy and could not help me with the party at that moment. I cannot forget to say that I also had to give attention to my two little daughters who are more important than whatever!

In resume, a main table with pastel colors and some darker nuances to make the decoration appropriate to a child and the cute pompons to give it a bit of exuberance!

Hope you liked it as I did!!!!

Have a nice week full of sweet moments and not so much stress!
Many kisses,

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Baby Shower Anna

Hi everybody,

Yes, sucha long time but I hope I will post ofter now!!!
I gave birth to my wonderful Anna in July and we moved back to Brazil end of August... so you can imagine how full the last months were. Now we are settled in SP and still organizing things but thanks God it's less stressful.

Despite the above mentioned happenings I did a lot of cute things the time I was off and I will post them here of course!

For my coming back :-) I decided to post the baby shower I prepared with so much love to Anna, my second doughter. Romantic decoration was choosen this time. As always flowers were important component of my decoration. By the way I was lucky to have this chandelier to complement the main table! Cute favors were personalized with the name Anna! I enjoyed so much creating this, all colors matching on a romantic atmosphere.

Hope you enjoyed as well!

Ah, by the way I will soon create a new logo for my work, I'm pretty excited to present it!

many kisses, Andréa

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Flowers cupcakes - romantic atmosphere!

Hi everyone,
Today we had breakfest at friends and I prepared cupcakes to sweeten our sunday! As we have now spring weather, although we are in the middle of fall, I thought that I could prepare flowers cupcakes so that we could have the impression that we indeed are in the spring!
I enjoyed a lot decorating them and now I want you to see these delicious little cakes!!!!
Spring kisses to all,

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Christmas Cupcakes - a new passion!

Hi there,
here I am again and I'm so happy that I could finally create this set of cupcakes' embellishments for Christmas (already!!!), which I simple loved! I spent some time thinking about how to make it 3D optik. Also to create the wrappers with some motives going outside their area. The toppers matches one with another! Actually I created several combinations which gain the attention of the guests, in order to find out the different pictures they have.
I only miss my cupcake stand!!!!!! I can imagine everything arranged in a decorated stand!!!!!! Oh my God!!!!
Cupcakes are really a feber! I love them and navigating in the internet to see what people invent and realise!!!! Now the challenge for me is to bake different recipes.... well, I don't know if I'm so talented for this :-)
Hope you like it as I do!!!!!!!
Many kisses,

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Sweet girafes to cute sisters!

Hi everyone,

Today I want to post a door decoration I made for two cute sisters, daughters from our friends from Hamburg. They are lovely like the two girafes I chose to paint. They were a bit time consuming since their spots are many, but at the end they turned out sooooo cute. I loved it!


Saturday, 30 October 2010

Illustration for fun! Look at my eyes!!!!

Hey everyone,
Today I'd like to post here an illustration I've done. I was doing some exercise in Adobe Illustration and with a lot of pacience I got this result. If you can note, the eyelashes are composed by single vectors done once. And how about the eye? Isn't incredibily wonderful???? I simply love love love love love it. I found the shadows and eye colour quite real, don't you as well?
I love designing in Adobe Illustration or Corel Draw, although I find Adobe Illustration much more user friendly.
Actually my intention with this illustration is to create a funny illustration of myself ;-) Coming soon!!!!!
I wish I could have more time to spend learning and practicing more with those tools!!!!!!
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